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Our Happy Clients
  • My wife had severe swallowing difficulties and was tube fed. Sharon knew her goal was to be able to eat or drink again even if it was just a small amount and she worked really hard to achieve for this for Jane. When she had that first taste I nearly cried. We were so happy it was such a big thing for us.

    James Thomas

    Client’s husband
  • I am a professional singer and was having so many difficulties on stage, with my voice deteriorating by the end of a set and I wasn’t able to hit as many notes as I could previously. Sharon taught me so many new voice techniques that I had never heard of before and since I’ve tried these and included them in my warm up I have no issues.

    Ian G

  • Sharon was always punctual and professional. I would get my exercises emailed over to me and she would check in with me between sessions.

    Rebecca K

  • Life is so much easier since John saw Sharon. He had a long period of therapy which really improved his communication after he had a very bad stroke. He understands a lot more and we know how to communicate with him. Now John takes part in family discussions and is so much happier in himself. Sharon gave us hope when we thought all was lost.


    Client’s wife
  • It’s not just my speech that has improved after therapy for my speech but my confidence too. Sharon really got to know me and helped me so much.


  • We have no doubt that you have been most effective in helping Simon regain lost capacities. Thank you so much.

    Mr Parson

    Client’s father