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About Acquire

Hello, my name is Sharon Adjei-Nicol and thank you for visiting Acquire’s website. I founded Acquire with the aim of offering adults with speech, language, voice or swallowing difficulties specialist assessment and individually tailored treatment without the need for long waits or constraints on the amount, type or duration of therapy. I aim to keep my service personal and see most clients myself in order to offer my experience, build a therapeutic relationship and provide a consistent approach. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any more information or have any questions or queries.

I qualified as Speech and Language Therapist in 2004 from University College London and have worked with adult clients across seven different NHS trusts in the U.K. since this time. I have managed both NHS hospital and community based Speech and Language Therapy Departments in London and also lecture speech and language therapy students. I have experience working with adults with all types of neurological conditions including stroke, brain injury, Parkinson’s Disease, M.S., M.N.D and am trained in specialist treatments such as Lee Silverman Voice Treatment and McNeil Dysphagia Therapy Programme.

I have vast experience working with adults who stammer and those who have ENT (ear, nose and throat) diagnoses and voice difficulties. I have worked with professional voice users such as actors and singers using specialist techniques such as VoiceCraft and The Estill Voice Model. It is through work with professional voice users that I gained experience in elocution and accent modification work. Other experience I have includes Facial Palsy, Adult Learning Disability, tracheostomy and medico-legal work.

I have a particularly keen interest in communication difficulties after Stroke. I worked as a Research Speech and Language Therapist at the Institute of Neurology in Queens Square, London alongside the leading names in aphasia research and gained a Master of Research degree in Speech, Language and Cognition. As part of my own PhD research project which I am completing at University College London, I have developed a new speech and language therapy programme for aphasia.